Thanks for stopping in to check out my web site.   The motivation for this endeavor is to have FUN!!  "Wild "N" Wacky"  fun.

This site has been created using NOTEPAD!!   You won't find any HTML editor here.   I owe thanks to my geeky friend Michael,  who lit the fire under my ass and got me started.   Michael designs web pages.  Go see what he's up to!!!   Then there's Dave.   He was there in the early days of my computer hardware upgrades.   Dave is a programmer for  Tower Records. He doesn't have a web site.   TSK! TSK! TSK!   Oh Well !!!  So much for the acknowledgements!!

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On this site you'll find  "WILD "N" WACKY"  humor in the form of pictures and jokes.   Sometimes bizzare,  sometimes shocking,  sometimes offensive.   There are also Wave and Midi files.   BE FOREWARNED BEFORE YOU VENTURE FORTH.   It is NOT my desire to intentionally offend anyone.   If you believe you'll be offended by what you find here,  then this site in not for you.



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